Multicolor silk

Hello everybody,

This period of time at home is giving me the chance to do things that were pending and accumulating. One of them was working with the multicolor silk from O Percheiro.

O Percheiro, that is to say, Erika and Jose, haven been selling original threads for quite a long time, and you know I feel a special empathy towards their silks. The lasa silks serve to craft really beautiful tallies, and I’ve been using their number 60 silk, the one named “Quitamiedos”, which has a point of torsion, in several of my works.

You have seen it on the Bruges flower hand fan or the bicolor hand fan crafted by mi student Patro, which you can find on the shop; and some other hand fans which I have not yet uploaded to the web but have already been published on Manos Maravillosas Magazine number 61.

This is also the kind of thread I use as a base for all of my works with Tallies, the black and blue of the heart come from their shop.

It is a thread really easy to work with, it is really resistant and the result is spectacular.

Around a year ago they have added several multicolor threads I had not had the chance to work with, but I’ve finally found something they may add value to.

It’s not yet finished so you are not seeing the work yet, but I’ve felt that the thread around the bobbins looked so good that I couldn’t resist sharing this with you.

You can find this threads and many more at:

If you want bobbins, you can consult prices.

– Bayeux model bobbins with SQ66 silk

– A little peek of the pricking

– A lovely rainbow

  • Bolillos modelo Bayeux bobinados con Seda SQ66
  • Una pequeña pista del picado
  • Un arco iris precioso